Thursday, August 14, 2014

US-Israel Relations

A message to Israeli's:

Do not believe the Obama Administration when they threaten you.  They can't do anything and have no power of the purse - that comes from Congress.  The power of the United State's monetary power comes from the two houses of Congress which are in an election year that looks promising for the opposite party.

Obama is already eroding pro-Israel support for the Democrat party through his policies.  If he continues on an ignorant path, his support from some of the staunchest Democrats, Jews, will be gone.  It will be a landslide against Obama's party, the Democrats.

These casualty numbers are often the direct result of Hamas using civilians as shields in their fight.  If they were real men, real freedom fighters, they would put on uniforms and fight.  But we all know it's a P.R. campaign to get people to feel sorry for civilian casualties.  They put their innocent women and children on the roofs of incoming rocket strikes.

That's disturbingly sick.

So is Obama's effective disregard for the Constitution.  He refuses to do his job which is to execute the laws, such as deporting illegal aliens.  Since he can't even do his job in America, Israeli's shouldn't listen to him.  He's a no nothing President who has extremely low approval ratings.

So stick with Netanyahu, he's got the right state of mind.