Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank you

Thank you to everyone tonight.

It's great to see the wide diversity of people from all walks of life.  From the great Oath Keepers who came from the Los Angeles area, to those who came in from New York, there was an wide range of people in the crowd.

Our goal is to always stay in line with the Constitution.

While what Mark Lane did was wrong, we do not intend him any personal ill will.  There is a line between personal issues and economic ones.

However, since he did start the Boycott of Murrieta, a threat against the economic well being of the residents of the Temecula Valley, we feel he has placed his own business as fair game in return.

However, it's our opinion, that a boycott of his business will gain nothing but turn Mark Lane into the next C-list star waiting for a reality show.  No one had even heard of his company before, and most probably won't after today.  I agree, ignore them, there are bigger problems.

Anyway, it's not shocking our poll was already taken out of context.

Another active Facebook critic of Lane is the 4Life4Freedom blog, which is running a poll to “boycott Lane’s company.” The 4Life4Freedom blog is also advertising a Border Convoy from “Murrieta to McAllen.”

Get it right.  Poll was if someone should go down there, but we have come to the conclusion that would not serve a good purpose.  It would only make matters worse.  In particular because there have been death threats for anyone who does indeed go down there.  So stay away is our recommendation.

Anyway, Latino Rebels, since you now read our blog, please tell us if you support comments like this :

Are you anti-semetic, anti-white too?  Feel free to email us.

Besides, as a journalist, I question the ethics of quoting the person, Mark Lane, based upon purely his word.

The article is titled :
San Diego Family Who Took in Migrant Family Getting Death Threats

But yet, the article can't confirm any death threats.  

Not with any posts that the site provided as evidence, or even our own poll.  Which was, just a poll!  A question!  

Can't even handle a question?  What a bunch of ninnies.