Monday, August 11, 2014

Senator Richard D. Roth needs to go

As the representative for the California Senate District 31, those in Riverside should think twice about some of his stances.

For one, he wants to continue to pour tax payer dollars into School of Medicine at UC Riverside with the "long-term goal of alleviating region's physician shortage concerns."

Pouring more money into the school won't help with the physician shortage.

It may produce more physicians, that's true, but there is no guarantee that once they graduate, that they will stay in Southern California. 

In fact, the biggest reason a physician may not stay in California is the cost of doing business is too high.  From insurance premiums and often low entry pay, it takes years for most physicians in California to make a return on their education.

The best way to keep physicians in California would be to help them directly, by putting reasonable limits on malpractice lawsuits and helping get private practices up and running by reducing fees and red tape involved.