Sunday, August 3, 2014


I guess a few idiots have none.

Idiots such as these,

Trying to run the Convoy off the road.  It's all right there on camera.  The guy brake checked the entire convoy.  Nice.

More importantly were the sever threats against the Border Convoy.

"Ok, so here is a status update for those that are saying we are not committed and backed down from "threats." What happened was late last night we received word that an "organization" was planning on confronting us with force. The threats became more severe this morning, due to the security risk we told the media we would not go to El Paso with the intention of throwing off the opposition. If you read our last post you will find that we have in fact been in El Paso today. On our way to a undisclosed location we noticed spotters waiting for us on side streets and on the freeway. The spotters attempted to run us off of the road on the 10 freeway causing the entire east bound lane to be shut down for over an 30 mins, we remained stopped for over an hour. As the situation unraveled a few things became clear to not only us, but El Paso PD as well. We were set up by a group of "human rights activists" attempting to force us off the road, Univision was on location within 45 seconds of us being stopped and there were "pro-invasion" protesters waiting off of the freeway with signs. The opposition had already called the police before they tried to run us off the road, this was obvious as approximately 10-12 units were on scene in roughly 1 minute. The women in the black Toyota Tacoma that called the police before we were even stopped on the freeway claimed that a someone had threatened her. However, her story immediately unraveled as it became clear to PD they had set a trap for us. We were given multiple case numbers in regards to the criminal charges being filed against the opposition, including one for reckless driving. This incident is exactly why we told the media we were not stopping in El Paso, we were trying to avoid a potentially dangerous conflict as we are a peaceful convoy. Furthermore, for those us are now stating we are not "committed" to the cause, are "backing down" and are "on our knees" I say the following... Please know we take threats such as this very seriously. Everyone on this convoy has put themselves directly in harms way for the greater good of this nation. The scenario we just came out if was shockingly dangerous but we're all ok. Please do not judge us based on what media who know nothing about the truth tell you. To those of you who have wished us well and voiced your concern for our safety, God bless and thank you, you are the reason we are fighting this battle.

The convoy continues on and we have much more to see! More updates to follow!"

So the Border Convoy continues onward.

And, thanks to a few knuckle heads, it will now live as another example of the stupidity of a few.