Saturday, August 2, 2014


I can't say enough about the real patriots who have stood for Murrieta.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to experience the rally for the Border Convoy.  What I find it most interesting is how peaceful, and serene it was for those who rallied together.  As some noted, this group of patriots doesn't even litter.  Truly amazing that.

I'm honored to have meet so many real patriotic Americans at this rally.  To see such a diverse crowd of patriots, from those who trace their heritage back to the Mayflower and those in between, to those who were legal immigrants themselves.

The diverse crowd was filled with those who served their Country as well.  A true honor to stand side by side with.

I think much of this wonderful event came together from good leadership.  It's hard often times for those in the media to be anything more than a media head.  But when someone get's involved and does something bigger for the Nation, it should be noted.

Such is the case with Pete Santilli.  He has helped to keep everything calm and civil.  When thugs threatened the Murrieta Patriots, he kept the side of Light cool.  By sticking to peaceful resistance, he helped give the Patriots the real moral high ground.  Thank you again Pete, we really enjoyed the speech.

Pete Santilli giving a speech before the gathered audience

Of course, the civility of the Murrieta Patriots has been pressure washed by the media away because of a few extreme elements. No mention in the main stream media of the hate crimes committed by the extremist pro-immigration side.

In fact, a close source to myself, who I trust, has let me know that some of the antagonists that night had made terroristic threats against the citizens of Murrieta.  So it's indeed a very serious issue that should be talked about more in the media.

Thank you to the rest of the media who did show up, such as One America News.

So, onlookers might wonder, what of the goof nuggets who threatened to show up?  Well, only half a dozen or so actually made it there.

Gotta love everyone had their backs turned to them.

It was pathetic - and for good reason.  It was a sponsored event!  It wasn't a "free-speech zone" as one sign read before I think it was removed. 

Anyway, loved the rally and the people who I met.

Thank you in particular to :

Wiley Drake  (  It's great to see the love we all share for God, the Constitution, and each other.  Thank you for coming out to see us, and thank you again to all the Oath Keepers who came as well.

Evan Sayet (The Kindergarden of Eden) Great talking with another member of the tribe indeed!  Loved the book.  Email forthcoming!  Will also add it to my must read list.

The Murrieta Patriots - every one a hero, even if they won't admit it or let me mention them by name.