Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not for Life

Some of these teachers and professors are complete wackos.  Attacking a 16 year old with a pro-life sign?  How nuts is that?

Pretty clear that she can't handle opposing views like much of the Left.

The pregnant 38-year-old who pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of theft, vandalism and battery after stealing and destroying an anti-abortion poster and injuring a a16-year-old activist, says she’s sorry for some of her actions and hopes to “makes amends through community service.”

An associate professor whose course work, which includes pornography and sex work, has gained her the nickname the “porn professor,” Ms. Miller-Young was set to appear for sentencing today (August 14) before Judge Brian Hill in Santa Barbara County Superior Court.

Why again do we need pornography and sex work at colleges again?  Not only does she not makes sense, but nether does her position.  I wish they would just eliminate her department.  Down size if you will, because she isn't worth the pay if she's assaulting and battering a 16 year old kids because she disagrees with them.   Not to mention, she goes out and says how she was doing the right thing and defending herself.  B.S.  She attacked, she needs to go to jail.

Not to mention, since she was indeed pregnant, she put the babies LIFE in jeopardy.   Already, a lousy parent as well.