Sunday, August 10, 2014


Iraq 2014

If you are Christian, you should know this is what is coming.  If you are suddenly shocked by the fact that you are now being persecuted around the World, it's because you have been watching the Left's media.

The truth is, more importantly, that there is a growing resentment in this country against Christians.  I've repeatedly seen comments such as, if Christianity is what hurts you, you may as well throw out the whole thing.

In essence, there is an anti-Christian, anti-Religious crusade going on in this nation.  It has helped cover up the great wiping out of Christians around the world.  Since 2000, there have been over a million reported Christian deaths for being Christian around the world, (

And with the situations in Syria and Iraq continuing to spiral out of control?  It could see the end to Christianity across much of the World.

It's sad, but they are truly being crucified again.