Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ASU "smart"

ASU Students and Faculty :

Their reputation precedes them.

ASU is possibly the poster child for terrible Universities in this country.

I, and many others including the Simpsons,30 Rock, and American Dad, pick on it.  It's more dumb than UC-Irvine is malicious, but it's certainty not the only University to have lost it's way on both sides of the political spectrum.  There are plenty of Liberal and Conservative Universities that still stick to Traditional Curriculums.

In this case, ASU has a particularly bad reputation because it's student base repeatedly pushes the limits of crazy.

The reason for this is not just low standards in academics, but because they accept just about anyone.

Including a Dreamer, whose parents reside in this country illegally.

Not surprised this Dreamer and her lawyer buddy tried to ambush Steve King.

Caution : Extreme idiocracy ahead.

Some lawyer!  Can't even follow the law himself, let alone know the actual decisions that have been made at the Supreme Court.  Is that what some of our schools are producing?

Not to mention, I'm sure tax payer dollars produced this guy's "education." 

You should always know something is going to go terribly wrong if there is something ASU to do with it.