Sunday, August 17, 2014

ABC Cleveland

Another clueless organization repeating misinformation.

What is sad is that they keep repeating Lane's sad excuse for why he started Boycott, Murrieta and said such hateful things about innocent residents. 

I'm paraphrasing here, but the excuse that because he refuses to explain this properly to his 5 year old son is his own fault.  The people who blocked the buses in Murrieta didn't do so because the people have a different color skin.  In fact, many of those who blocked the buses had the same skin color! 

As if that matters.  Only a bigot living in the past has an opinion that all white people hate brown people.

The reason there was a protest is simple - because the people about to be unloaded into the streets, homeless, is not healthy for the people and children of Murrieta.  It's about everyone's health!  So contrary to Mark Lane's 5 year old answer, most of the protesters cared very much about the people on the buses.

More importantly, we care about respecting and obeying the law.  Apparently, Mark Lane doesn't have a clue when he broke FEDERAL law taking these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into his home.  According to the law, he, and anyone who helps him, should be in jail. <period>

That is up to the Attorney General of the United States, and his employees, to enforce.