Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yesterdaily Show

There is no doubt in my mind that Jon has a great sense of comedic timing.

Perhaps, that was lost from his movie days, but I think the Daily Shows has shown that not only does he have the personality that draws a crowd, but one that keeps them there. But he lost, at least me, as a viewer.

Instead of being informative or witty, the show now seems like many fades.  Even his usual comedic timing and wit, and the slew of young talent, entice me anymore to watch his show.

At the beginning, his coverage could be described as just inaccurate.

What a shame. 

But no, instead of saying he was wrong, he doubles down on stupid after being blasted.
And how?

Self-hating Jew?  Just lost me completely.  It's not funny because many Jews make these comments out of Love for their people.

Very twisted and cruel, indeed.  The US is basically boycotting travel to and from Israel now - a boycott against the economy of Israel and it's people.  Sad.