Sunday, July 20, 2014

Won't Libya-alone

Next to Egypt, lies Libya. It now threatens to destabilizes the borders across the region.  In fact, everywhere you look, the region is devolving into chaos.

A coalition of militias led by Islamist fighters launched an assault on the airport on Sunday, with clashes later spreading along the road to the capital.
By Sunday evening, fighting had subsided around the airport, security official Al-Jilani al-Dahesh told AFP, but clashes continued in the western suburbs of the capital, witnesses said.
"The airport was attacked this morning with mortar rounds, rockets and tank fire," Al-Dahesh told AFP.

You have to wonder, will Libya be able to hold off these crazies for long?  Will it's violence threaten Egypt?  Or will Libya rally together to save it's self from becoming a radical state?  It's up to the people of Libya.