Sunday, July 6, 2014

Welcome to my blog.

The blog is designed to help inform the public on a wide array of subjects, including, but not limited to;

Aeronautics and Aviation
Architecture and Biotecture / Urban Design

Art / Cinema
Biology / Botany / Farming
Chemistry / Physics
Climate and Biome Science
Education and school systems
Literature and Poetry
Naval Architecture
Travel & Transport
World History & Events

My goal is the help sort through the naive, ignorant, and vapid comments that permeate our popular social culture, while meanwhile touching on sometimes controversial issues that must be aired.  So often today we are only given one side of the story just so everyone can think the world is nice.  Well, it's not.  To form a complete and fair analysis, I believe it is critical to hear both sides of each issue, in depth, even if we don't like it.  This is the format that should be used in schools, and has been the core of verdicts rendered by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Thank you,

Jeremy Rivkin