Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thank you Cavuto

Thank you for Standing with Murrieta today on your episode.  I feel very much the same way.  Why is it so wrong to stand up for our borders? our laws?  Why such a double standard when it comes to Joe?  Why is he being sued for taking care of crime?  This world is indeed very up-side-down.

To Nancy Pelosi, what a shame.  Hamas is a humanitarian organization because your friends told you so?  No wonder the Left is so lost.  That's a leader?

It's dumbfounding.

She's lost.  She's trying to justify putting rockets and missiles in schools.  How sad.  She's acting completely uneducated.

But, even more hillarious, is the rationale. Why?  Because the nation is too small.  No where else to hide their missiles.

But at least they got refrigerators for their red bulls.