Sunday, July 27, 2014


Loved our time tonight at the Storm game with the family.

It was touching to see their tribute to Tony Gwynn.  Mr. San Diego was a great man.

 It was also wonderful, on the other hand, to see some of the local Murrieta businesses, including one of our personal favorites, Loma Linda University - Medical Center.  We have been to their wonderful new facilities and the staff is superb.

 Thank you again for the good time and free goodies.

Pregame was great for the kids :

I missed getting a clip of the guy in the squirrel suit later in the game because I nearly fell out of my seat laughing.  : see what I mean?!

It was hot and somewhat humid, despite our great seats in the shade.  Thank goodness for Juice it up, as well as the popcorn that our kid's devoured.  The ball park was really great, very open and clean.

We hadn't heard yet that there were encroaching thunder storms, which we now hear killed one person and injured 13 more in Los Angeles earlier in the day.  That is terrible to hear and our condolences.

The storm had a silver lining though - 

The boy's favorite part was that we got to see a marvelous rainbow that streaked through the sky and framed the hills of canyon lake.  What a blessing!

Support your local businesses.  You never know what gift you well get.