Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paging Doctor Lexus

It's not often that you see such, unbridled idiocracy.

But we payed for it, so it's our fault.  I admit it.  I was wrong.  Is that so hard to say?  I'll take my crow on Obama like a man.

An undercover sting operation by the Government Accountability Office found that fake people can easily get access to insurance supported by real tax subsidies.

The GAO created 18 fake identities backed up by fake documents. The plan was for them to be split in groups of 6 and apply for Obamacare insurance online, over the phone and in person. The in-person sign ups were a bust because 5 of 6 "navigators" contacted by the investigators were unable to offer any help at all. One fake individual was correctly told they weren't eligible because their income was too high.

I love how 5 out of 6 "navigators" weren't "any help at all."  Hah!  Anyone could have told you that and saved the Government, the GAO, the money on the investigation.

See, sometimes you have to call idiots, idiots.  And it's just shocking how they get paid Government wages, and benefits ... oh wait, no it's not.  We already have the TSA, EPA, Teacher's Unions and CIA bumbling around.  How is Government the answer again?