Friday, July 18, 2014

No limits

Many innocent lives died in that 777.
23 Americans, possibly, were killed in the event.

"Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters pointed the finger directly at Russia. “It wasn’t the separatists, although Russia will try to blame them, or blame the Ukrainians,” Peters said. “The Russians have not given the separatists complex, high-altitude air-defense systems. If this airliner was flying at 34,000 feet or any altitude close to that, it was shot down by Russian military air-defense systems perched on the Ukrainian border.”


Obama himself briefly addressed the “terrible tragedy” while attending a political event in Delaware yesterday afternoon, adding that the administration is working to determine how many of the 23 American citizens contained in the plane’s passenger manifest were actually on board. But in the latest testament to his fundamental unseriousness, the president quickly returned to his latest stump speech, replete with jokes and complaints about Republicans."

And so the limit between being serious in a crisis and playing the political game, undermines any authority Obama has.  One second he's delivering an important address, no questions asked, making threats to Putin, the next he's back to partisan politics and jokes.

 Terrible jokers often have a hard time knowing the limits of good taste.