Tuesday, July 22, 2014


For me, as I stated before, I enjoyed the ability to converse on Theoryland.

Matt, owner of Theoryland, should be thanked tremendously.  Not just for hosting the forums, or giving people the titles and building the community in the first place, but because of his unique forum / website structure which was brilliant if you ask me.

As someone who I've now known for 15+ years, I think Matt is a wonderful, deeply intelligent, and fair individual.  I disagree with what has happened at Theoryland, clearly, but I have every confidence in him.  I always have.

The biggest thing for me is that he no longer controls the forums, he let's The Chosen moderate, who are unwilling to listen to criticism.

Which, BTW, Dragonmount's crew apparently does.  Kudos Dragonmount.  You regained my respect.

Which puts the pressure on the Mod crew at Theoryland.

Not just because they couldn't handle disagreements and trolling unruly behavior, because they are holding titles hostage.  Why do I return to see people complaining about not being raised in due time anymore?  Why aren't people from the online Guilds being raised too - with the same level of respect as those on the forum?

These are the types of criticisms I have of the moderator crew.  I feel it can be fixed simply be communicating in a respectful manner and handling each member equally, no insulting p.m.'s and erased posts after the fact.

I feel we can work these issues out.  Let's start right now, if you accept it.

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