Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mental Instability

As the news comes out today about what happens at the Hospital

I will be curious to see what the shooter turns out to be like.

The station reported that the incident occurred inside a wellness building across the street from the hospital's main building. Heavily-armed police could be seen outside the hospital trying to rule out multiple shooters, a city official said.

"Wellness building" is interesting because it makes me wonder if it was a mental "wellness" building.  Perhaps, and I don't think it's a jump in logic to say, it was a patient of the mental "wellness" facility, someone who was being treated, that shot everyone.

For me, as I noted before, mental illness is a real issue in this country.  It hasn't just affected one or two children, it's lead to some of this nations most deadly, and most recent, mass school shootings - such as in Virginia Tech.

I guess we shall wait and see.