Saturday, July 26, 2014


There are many things I love about Robert Jordan's work, but he is often a master of hiding "easter eggs."

For instance, Traveler is the horse owned by Gareth Bryne.  Traveler was also the horse owned by General Lee.  That has been pointed out before, so no news there.

However, I figured I would take a quick look at another Civil War relationship.

This is Stonewall Jackson.

Never lost a battle. Very similar to Mat, Aemon, and Arthur Paendrag Tanraell.

One irony is that both Bryne and Mat fought for the Rebel Aes Sedai.

Another is that Stonewall had a band that followed him.

More importantly, for WoT fans, they used to brag that they could march 30 miles in a day.  That answers that.  But, ssh. Don't tell that to these ladies and gentlemen