Monday, July 28, 2014

Joe's visit

Local coverage :

Profanity-filled protests broke out Saturday outside the Ramona main stage theater as demonstrators heckled controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a guest speaker at a Tea Party event.

Arpaio has been elected sheriff of Maricopa County six times and has a reputation for believing in old-fashioned punishment. As head of the nation's third largest sheriff's office, he is known for his tent city, chain gangs and pink underwear provided to inmates. Years ago, when Arpaio learned that inmates were stealing jailhouse white boxers, he had all inmates' underwear dyed pink.
Good to see some coverage of the hecklers for once.

By the way, go Angela! Way to speak out!

And thank you Joe for standing with Murrieta.  Like he says, there is nothing they are doing wrong.

Thank you for understanding if the formatting is off.