Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Head in the sand media

It's not just MSNBC or Al-Jeezera that likes to paint one side of the issue and instigate racial divides.

"I call it bias, because the only news stories I see from these networks paint the issue as a humanitarian catastrophe and depict some Americans as heartless or indifferent towards the issue. From Univision and Telemundo, I constantly hear about all of the human casualties near the border and how Central American refugees must be allowed to stay, no matter what.

Thank you, Doctor.

These groups want to paint just one side as racist, get their viewers all riled up, and how does that help?  Does it bridge gaps?  Or does it make people shout anti-homogenetic vitriol?  Like Mr. Johnson and the Boycott Murrieta crew?

I'm glad there is leadership in this country.  Thank you Dr. Alvarez.