Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Half the battle

Do you ever get the sense that some of these guys are just helpless?

Yes, it's not just you.  I've wondered the same thing.  Can they really be this stupid and reckless?

You ask them questions, but after awhile, it's clear, they have a very short amount of key retorts.

A computer could do the thinking for them.

People will wake up.  It sometimes takes more time than it should, but they will.

It's important to spread the word and not give up hope.  We can fix the situation we are in.  We just have to believe in each other again.  We have to get to know one another again.

And ...

My message to them?

It's never too late to mend the bridges.  It's never to late to heal the wounds.  It's never too late for some history to be forgotten.  Or at least forgiven.

It takes recognizing what the mistake was, so there can be a change of behavior.  That is the key to getting out of the situation they are mired in.  But they need to take that first step and fix the behavior.