Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Petition to redo the final books of the Wheel of Time

Updated 7/11/2014 :

For me, this is an issue because Robert Jordan is such a master at his work.  Brandon Sanderson never completed the work properly.

Please, if you haven't, read Brandon Sanderson's introduction in Unfettered.

It's a unmitigated disaster!

Not only does he want to apologize for Demandred, but he finds him tragic.  This is not appropriate for Jordan's work and was rightly cut.  More so, shows that Brandon Sanderson is a moral relativist, who doesn't understand right from wrong.  Instead, he champions a crazed megalomaniac with a love story straight out of a USSR propaganda film. This is already on top of his writing style that I would describe as the common biology text book approach.

"Think of it this way--yes, the Pattern simply IS. But evolution simply IS as well. And some times, species evolve to..." - Brandon Sanderson

Some times, species evolve?  Some scientist he is!  Does Sanderson know about the Galapagos finches? who after 170 years still have the same 13 species on the islands?  Some evolution of the species.

Science has moved on from Brandon's take.  Species don't just randomly evolve.  Even if you believe in punctuated equilibrium, you will have a hard time stomaching new research showing new species popping out of the same areas. 

It's because of these issues, that this petition has been brought about.

It's primary goal, is to bring about the attention of TOR, Team Jordan, those involved in Robert Jordan's estate, and those that may be involved in his legacy, that there is a dissatisfaction to how the series ended.

It's secondary goal, is to determine the best course of action to remedy that.  After having spoken about this with a few other individuals, I believe the best course of action would be to have a fan, with an penchant for writing, history and wit, finish the series.  I would also like to see that person be a master in Judeo-Christian and American history, as it's critical to the story arch of the series.

Robert Jordan's work is an American Masterpiece and perhaps the greatest Epic fantasy series of all time.  One with definite concepts of right and wrong, good and evil. It should be recognized and treated as such.

Please feel free to comment here.

Thank you.