Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fishy Fishy

Something fishy is going down at Poppa's Fresh Fish Company.

The San Diego based chain's owner, Mark Lane, is one of the founders of Boycott, Murrieta.  This has come out thanks to his own Facebook page.  In fact, a whole anti-Boycott website has sprung up here : https://www.facebook.com/BoycottPoppasFreshFishCompany?refid=18&notif_t=like&__tn__=*s

Much of this has been the result of the Boycott Murrieta crew sending death threats to Stand For Murrieta, threatening to slash tires, report people to the DMV, even post kids pictures online.

They, ironically, called Liberty News a Nazi media organization.  Hilarious, as Liberty News was simply pointing out that they are supporting violence and lawlessness.  That's all they got, empty vague insults at this point.

For instance, calling people KKK for protesting illegal immigration amnesty?  The real KKK would have killed the children, not asked to send them back.  The ability for these guys to understand the historical references they use is preschool. 

Anyway, for someone in the tough restaurant business, perhaps this is not a good idea to start trouble with the locals, let alone pick on their kids.  What kind of shameful business owner picks on kids?

What if people came down to your restaurants and shouted murderer, killer, KKK after every bite?  How would your customer's react?