Monday, July 21, 2014

Troll Bots

A follow up to this thread,

Let me explain what I think is going on.

It seems to me that many of these Facebook profiles have been created to spam / troll the pro-Israel threads on Facebook.  It's actually not that difficult to build a script to automatically spam / troll the threads as soon as IDF or any other source opens a new thread.

It's much like bots in MMORPG video games.  They are just designed to spam a phrase to gain attention or sell an item.  It's generally called a macro or script, but full blown programs are involved as well.

Just, in this case, it's to pursued any interested audience to not get involved, or if they are indeed interested, provoke angry responses.

Half the profiles probably do not read the comments.  Such as the two I pointed out.  For instance, CSi Inptic has likes to hacker profiles.  Thanks to another intelligent Facebook poster for pointing out that CSi Inptic, uses the exact same phrases and insults across two profiles.  CSi Inptic and Benyamin Ehoud are basically one and the same dummy accounts.

"frankly, you do bother to take your upper air I personally have never seen an army have a facebook profile. propaganda?" - Both accounts

Such genius.

I think the phrase he was searching for was "Put on airs".  Spongebob did a whole gag on it, season one.  My kids know this stuff.

And actually, the US Army, US Navy and countless others have their own profiles.

Like I say, free speech tells us more about these profiles than anything else.  And that is very true in  it's final word - propaganda.

That's exactly what bots behind a profile would do.  Propagandize.  Spread hatred.  Turn off any possibly interested onlooker.  The Benyamin Ehoud account is directly linked to an Anti-Israeli media group and many fake profiles.

Why Facebook isn't removing these scum in droves?  I don't know.

My best advise?  Don't feed the trolls.  Stay calm and report them instead.  Maybe Facebook will start getting the message.

Remember, stand strong!  Stand together!