Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book pulling - at least it's not burning!

So is the case apparently with Costco, who initially pulled from it's selves the new Bestseller, based upon Dinesh D'Souza's latest film, "America, Imagine a World Without Her."

The power game Costco plays is indeed how the Left plays the game in this day and age.  It relies on removing information from the public view.  Only then can it be sure it's not seen in a bad light.

I'm sure Dinesh D'Souza's newest movie is a knife through the Left's heart, if the response is any indication.

From this guy in Variety,

(his picture listed here on his bio :

"America shifts gears during it's final half-hour, lurching from revisionism of historical revisionism to cautionary speculation.  While focusing on the legacy of leftist community organizer Saul Alinsky - depicted here as an apt pupil of Chicago gangsters - he duly notes Alinsky's influence on Obama's agenda.  But wait, there's more.  D'Souza also gets to take a preemptive shot at presumed presidential hopeful Clinton by dramatizing how the one-time "Goldwater girl" was led over the leftie dark side by Alinsky."

How this is relevant to a movie review - I don't know.  It's neither in depth or on the topic.  Yet, this community college professor takes personal shots at D'Souza, and at the same time, propagandizes for Hillary Clinton.  She wrote her thesis on Alinsky!  Eye witnesses who know Hillary know she was into Alinsky's model at the time.  Obama taught the model.  It was part of his presidential campaign "experience" factor of community organizing.

These guys would love for it to be revisionism, or historical revisionism.

Instead, it's they that are spreading the revisionism.  It's right there in plain view.  In fact, I think the article tries to race bait it's audience.

"By the way : It will be interesting to see how some viewers react to D'Souza's repeated (and approving) depiction of the Civil War as a noble battle waged by Abraham Lincoln and his Union Army solely to end slavery in the United States."

Such a hypothetical question implied with no real basis could have only been used as such.

Other such headlines were also common :
Review : Is Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' The Worst Political Documentary of All-Time?
"Insidiously, these are some of the ways D'Souza and co-director John Sullivan keep the film brisk and conventionally entertaining, not unlike a “Sharknado” sequel or a particularly embarrassing YouTube video. Filled with soaring guitars, pointless blacksmith montages and recreations with porn-level production values (check out the sponge-wig on Frederick Douglass), it's all fist-pumping anti-thought, consisting of baseless revisionist history and idle contrarianism"

You see the pattern?  They don't engage or debate the movie - they slam it with accusations and try to paint it as "porn-level".  They know so long as they can appeal to the mobs understanding of revision of history and contrariness, they can seem intelligent.

But the article never answers it's initial question.  Is it the worst?  Sadly, the author was too stupid to finish his own thoughts.  Such topic baiting is similar to the reports out of Rialto, California a few months back asking if the Holocaust was a Hoax?  As the Lady said then, and I wonder now, why even ask the question?

The point is - these guys know what they are up to.  Smearing the movie before anyone see's it.  That's why it disappeared from Google's movie times and Costco shelves, it threaten's the revisionists in this country.