Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Party like it's 1933

Gotta love this image caught of anti-Israel / pro-Gaza protestors beating Jews. (read it is their own people originally, but the article does make it clear that those beaten were Jews).

But on Friday 18th of July, Canadian values were blatantly and contemptuously disregarded as a demonstration of a thousand “pro-Gaza” demonstrators turned into a brutal and vicious assault on a group of ten pro-Israel Calgarians, who at the time were holding a token counter-protest.

The account of the violence inflicted on the small group is sickening. A middle-aged woman who had been recovering from surgery was repeatedly punched.

A young man had the Israeli flag he was holding tied around his neck noose-like, and dragged along the streets.

A young woman was set upon by no less than six thugs and beaten unconscious. Another young man had the shirt ripped off his back, was bitten and beaten into a concussion.

All because the mob of “pro-Gaza” rioters found the open expression of an opposing view deeply offensive. And apparently, the only answer to such “offense” was to physically and barbarically assault those deemed to have inflicted the offense. To treat the Jews in Calgary like one would treat a Jew in Gaza.

ISIS may not be in Canada yet, but their mindset is very much alive there.
I recommend watching the full video from Sun.  It's on point.

To the Sun : I hate the hate too. But more so because it's scary to be alive at a time where such unbridled hatred seems to go ignored by the leaders of the Free World - outside your own.  Kudos.  I'm sure that has no coincidence with a conservative media organization will guts lead to a politician who reflected that policy.  A lesson to be learned....<<---- hint hint

Btw, when I originally titled the thread, I used 1933.  I figured it was the year of some pretty crazy events, including these peaceful protestors :

That was 1933.
A surge in anti-Semitism in Germany has led Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, Israeli ambassador in Berlin, to say it is like a return to the Nazi era: "They pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin… as if we were in 1938."

 His comments came as Islamists were blamed for an "explosion" of anti-Semitism that has undermined Germany’s efforts to banish racism since the Holocaust.According to German news site, Hadas-Hannelsman said: "We have nothing against demonstrations or against freedom of expression - that's the core of democracy. But when, as happened this weekend, it leads to violence against the police or against pro-Israeli demonstrators, then it is unacceptable. I think Germans should be worried by that, because you also hear anti-Semitic slogans like 'Jews into the gas' - in Germany?"

 It was reported that a group of Arabs shouted "Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone" and "Death to Israel" at a recent demonstration and police officers did not interfere. The Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel ran the headline: "Berlin police cower before Jew-haters." At a Berlin mosque on Friday, Abu Bilal Ismail, an imam from Denmark, prayed for God "to destroy all Jews."

I missed it the first time.  He's saying it's the same as "The Fateful Year."