Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anti-Americanism & Illegal Immigration

The beauty of having a blog is that I can express my opinion truthfully, without the need to cowtow to advertisers or a corporate agenda.  I also have a unique opinion, having lived in, and living by, Murrieta.  It's based in getting to know many of the residents on a day to day basis that outside media sources just don't have.

Such is the completely oblivious comments from autostraddle.com.   ( rest of story )

Their supposedly contributing editor, Maddie, has a clearly anti-Murrieta and anti-American stance throughout the entire article.  Not only that, but her language would find a better home in a 3rd grade essay.

"Protests in Murrieta and Oracle Point to the Racism of US Immigration Policies"

Since protestors don't control the Immigration Policies, clearly, I'm sure she will show us which current US immigration policies are racist.

"Racist ideas about immigrant groups have always been harnessed to justify exclusionary immigration policy and the construction of physical borders."

As opposed to an inclusive immigration policy?  Exclusion is the point of having an immigration policy in the first place.  Some people must be excluded until they are ready to become citizens.  Then, they can become included.

"While we can trace this all the way back to the Chinese Exclusion Act and the invention of the passport in the 19th century, we can see it just as vividly in the fact that kids and families risking their lives to cross the U.S./Mexico border by the thousands have been characterized as invaders."

Invaders?  That's clearly hyperbole.  No one was shouting about a military invasion.

Perhaps she is hearing voices in her own mind.

"Instead of meeting these kids and families with empathy and outrage over the fact that they need to leave their homes (which also has to do with U.S. policy, incidentally), they are met with rage and incarceration."

There it is.  She blames U.S. policy for the kids and families needing to leave their homes.  Her logic is :It's the U.S. policy that makes it necessary for the families and children to leave, therefore the U.S. immigration policy is racist because illegals aren't met with open arms and free-everything (aka. inclusive immigration policy).

More importantly, she emphasizes the point that the illegal immigrants were incarcerated.  As the kid's say, duh.  That's the point.  You break the laws, you get locked up.  Nor should you expect people from another country to be happy with that.  That's just the facts of life.

She continues,

"But they also come about via more explicitly racist attitudes that permit and encourage the exclusion and neglect of people who are migrating."

So, people have the right to migrate like the swallows of San Capistrano, apparently.  This ridiculous approach to border security doesn't seem to understand borders, what they do, or why they exist.  Clearly, she also thinks people are birds too, free to use anywhere as their bird bath.

Her comments show that she blames the United States as the root cause of the issue.  That makes her not only ignorant, but also Anti-American.   In fact, her comments encourage migration of illegal immigrants against U.S. law.  Her view points espouse a lawlessness that should be condemned in the strongest fashion.

On top of that, when she posts such hateful and spiteful things about Murrieta residents without being there, she is Xenophobe.  When she uses images directly from Al-Jeezera of another event, to paint protestors, she is an anti-American bigot.

And that makes her a whopper of a hypocrite too.